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CoREM of Universitas Diponegoro Participate in the exhibition at BPTIK DIKBUD

Semarang – Tuesday to Wednesday (12-13 / 9/17) located on the front page of BPTIK DIKBUD Central Java Province, PKMBRP UNDIP enliven the exhibition he...

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WCP Prof Herman

Workshop Sediment Transport and Morphologic Process

Thursday, August 3, 2017 CoREM UNDIP held a Workshop with the theme “Sediment Transport and Morphologic Process” at Integrated Laboratory,...

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Meeting With TU Delft In The Preparation of Research and Joint Publication

Semarang – Tuesday (11/7/17) in the meeting room of PKMBRP UNDIP, PKMBRP UNDIP held a meeting with TU Delft University students in collaboration...

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Sosialisasi Kalender ROB

CoREM and the Department of Oceanography UNDIP Socialize ROB Calendar In Coastal Communities

Semarang – Thursday (22/6/2017) Disaster Mitigation and Coastal Rehabilitation Center of Diponegoro University (PKMBRP UNDIP) together with Dipo...

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Penandatangan Kontrak Kerja PUI dan KemenristekDikti

Contract Signing Year 2017 With RISTEKDIKTI

Jakarta – Wednesday to Thursday (7-8 / 6) PUI PKMBRP UNDIP attended the invitation of RISTEKDIKTI event in proposal improvement and contract sig...

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