CoREM and the Department of Oceanography UNDIP Socialize ROB Calendar In Coastal Communities

Semarang – Thursday (22/6/2017) Disaster Mitigation and Coastal Rehabilitation Center of Diponegoro University (PKMBRP UNDIP) together with Diponegoro University Oceanographic Department successfully held “Socialization of ROB Calendar for Mitigation of Banjir Pasang Disaster in Tambak Rejo Village, Semarang City”

The event which took place at 15.00 WIB up to 16.00 WIB was observed by community leaders and residents affected by the flood of rob, penaggalan made by the research team PKMBRP UNDIP and the Department of Oceanography UNDIP provides important information in the form of tide and low tide every hour.

Presented by the Chairman of the research PKMBRP UNDIP, namely Dr. Muhammad Helmi said that “In the affected areas, the puddles of rob have contributed enormously to the physical, infrastructure and financial losses for communities, economic and government actors.The frequency and intensity of the inundation of rob in the coastal city of Semarang is increasing.

Added by the chairman of the Department of Oceanography UNDIP, namely Dr. Denny Nugroho “The importance of this ROB calendar for community use as a mitigation effort for coastal communities, private parties or others.”

Lastly, representatives from the community of Tambak Rejo, Mr. Ratno expressed gratitude for the development result done by PKMBRP UNDIP and the Department of Oceanography UNDIP. Activities of the devotion is closed with a photo event together.

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