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Semarang – May 17, 2016 UPK KeSEMaT (Study Group of Mangrove Ecosystem of Teluk Awur) visited PKMRP (Center for Disaster Mitigation and Coastal Rehabilitation Study) at Diponegoro University Integrated Laboratory.
On this occasion, KeSEMaT, represented by the President of KeSEMaT, is Br. Mahbub said that the need for cooperation to develop human resources in the field of mangrove mapping between PKMRP and KeSEMaT. <! – more ->

Spoken by Bpk. Bagus Rahmmattullah Dwi Angga, S. kel as OMCCL (Ocean Modeling and Climate Change Laboratory) who is part of PUI PKRPP, “that this activity is a very good activity to do, considering that OMCCL also has responsibility to develop human resources or which supports the development of science and technology for students of Diponegoro University “,

related UPK KeSEMaT in charge of the study of mangrove ecosystems and OMCCL in charge of Climate Change, so it is related to us to develop science and improve the quality of human resources because it is known to absorb the greatest carbon is done by mangrove plants, it needs further research on mangrove mapping to overcome the problem of global warming.

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